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Cambridge Public Schools Teacher Performance Evaluation Form 2006-2024 free printable template

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Cambridge Public Schools TEACHER PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM Teacher s Name Position School/Department Evaluator s Name School Year Date Observation Dates/Time/Duration EVALUATION KEY UL Unsatisfactory and lack of satisfactory progress over time U Unsatisfactory 1 2 3 Low to high satisfactory performance range NA Not applicable or not observed CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Planning and Preparation UL U NA 1. Communicates high standards and expectations to students. 2. Is up to date regarding...
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How to fill out teacher performance evaluation form

To fill out a teacher evaluation form, start by carefully reading all the instructions provided. These instructions will guide you on what aspects of the teacher's performance you need to evaluate and what criteria to consider.
Next, take your time to reflect on your experience with the teacher. Think about their teaching methods, the clarity of their explanations, their ability to engage students, their responsiveness to questions, and any other relevant factors.
When filling out the form, be specific and provide examples to support your evaluations. Instead of just giving a generic rating, explain why you gave that rating and provide specific instances or examples that highlight your observations.
Use clear and concise language when writing your evaluations. Avoid vague statements and ensure your comments are constructive, fair, and based on your genuine experiences.
It is important to be objective and unbiased while filling out the teacher evaluation form. Consider the specific criteria outlined in the form and evaluate the teacher's performance based on those criteria rather than personal biases or unrelated factors.

Now, moving on to who needs a teacher evaluation form:

School administrators and officials responsible for assessing the performance of teachers usually require teacher evaluation forms. These evaluations help them gauge the effectiveness and quality of their teaching staff.
Students, parents, and guardians may also have the opportunity to provide feedback on teachers through evaluation forms. Their input is valuable in assessing the teacher's effectiveness from their unique perspectives.
Teacher evaluation forms can also be used in professional development programs or peer evaluations. Colleagues or mentors may utilize these forms to provide feedback to help the teacher improve their skills and teaching methods.

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A teacher evaluation form is a document used by schools to assess the performance of teachers and track their progress over time. The specific criteria for evaluating teachers may vary by school, but generally the form includes questions related to teaching methods, classroom management, and student engagement. Teacher evaluation forms are typically completed by school administrators, but can also include input from students and parents.
Teachers are required to file their own teacher evaluation form, which is typically completed by their immediate supervisor. Depending on the school district, the evaluation may also include input from other colleagues, parents, and students.
1. Start by reading the evaluation form carefully. Make sure you understand each question before you begin answering. 2. Be honest and provide detailed responses. Avoid making generalizations or using vague language. 3. Provide specific examples to illustrate your points. 4. Be respectful and professional in your responses. 5. Use a rating system to rate the teacher, such as “Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Unsatisfactory.” 6. Give an overall rating at the end of the form. 7. Sign and date the form before submitting it.
The purpose of a teacher evaluation form is to provide feedback to teachers on their performance and to help them identify areas in need of improvement. It can also be used to monitor the progress of a teacher's professional development and to identify best practices.
1. Teacher’s name 2. Date of evaluation 3. Observations made by evaluator 4. Strengths and weaknesses 5. Areas for improvement 6. Suggested strategies for improvement 7. Comments from the teacher 8. Summary of the evaluation 9. Evaluator’s signature
The deadline to file teacher evaluation forms can vary by school district. It is best to check with the school district for their specific deadline.
The penalty for the late filing of a teacher evaluation form will depend on the policy of the school or district, as well as the extent of the lateness of the filing. Generally, penalties for late filing may include warnings, disciplinary actions, or other forms of sanctions.
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